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    RE:Notify requester when task is closed

    Abdul Moid Mohammed
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      Hi Team,


      We are in BMC Remedy ARS,ITSM,SRM, SLM along RSSO and DWP

      We are with Windows as OS and Oracle as DB.


      We would like the notification triggered/sent when task is closed.


      I did try this Task Notification for task creator when task is Closed  but it errors as below

      Field Assignments: ERROR (1581): Unexpected character at this location in the query line;  at position 3. ,  1581,


      I did try to copy and paste the run if as per the filter(TMS:TAS:Notification_AssignedToIndividual_CallGUIDE) and even then it fails.


      I did create and entry on SYS:Notification as per the above article and trying to create the filter atleast with run if qualification  - ('DB.Status' != 'Status') AND ('TR.Status' = "Closed" ) it errors and i cant save the filter.


      Is there any other work around to get this Notification triggered.


      Appreciate response at your earliest availability.


      Thanks;--Abdul Moid

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