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    Pattern to discover AWS via External Event(Lambda).

    baban shrestha
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      Hello all,


      I am working on writing a custom pattern to trigger a scan based of event for AWS Cloud discovery. We are using Lambda functions as the event source..


      Please do share ideas knowledge if anyone had success on event based trigger .




      tpl 1.15 module CMDB.ExtendData.AWS.Event.trigger;

      pattern AssetID 2.0


        This is a template pattern for triggering off an external event.




          products := EC2;

          publishers := AWS;

        end metadata;



          tags Event, AWS;

        end overview;


        // Optional constants section used here to declare the type of

        // event type to match against.


          event_type := "aws";

        end constants;



          // Trigger when External Event is received from external source.

          on event := ExternalEvent created where type = @event_type;

        end triggers;



          // The pattern can now take the event information accessible on the

          // event node and perform the relevant actions, e.g. update the model,

          // initiate a new scan of an endpoint or initiate a CMDB sync of a device.


          // Initiate a scan of an endpoint.

          discovery.scan($$endpoint$$); // which endpoint to use ?


          // Initiate a CMDB Sync of a device.



        end body;


      end pattern;