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    Inline Sandobx timeout issue

    Ryan Nicosia
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      Scenario:  Sanbox is set to "Inline"

      1. Login to Remedy Asset Management console and select 8 or 10 assets.  Modify all and update one of the CMDB attributes

      2. Refresh results and 2 or 3 of the items do not get updated

      3. Open CMDB form and review Sanbdox dataset and see that the 2 or 3 records are in "Ready to Merge" status


      We have opened a ticket with support and they are telling us it appears to be some kind of timeout and that we need to switch to continuous.  I would rather keep it set to inline because individual updates are working and show up immediately.


      This is the first place I've worked where they have used sandbox but it seems to be the only way to preserve some of the edits that happen by asset users because we are consuming data from multiple sources.  So, disabling sandbox is a non starter.


      Has anybody else ran into this and found a fix?  It gets pretty annoying when you are cranking through a bunch of asset records.  You can bypass the problem by going direct to the CMDB form and updating BMC.Asset directly but that defeats the purpose of the sandbox.

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          Gustavo del Gerbo

          Hi Ryan,


          There is a timing issue here.

          Each of your 8-10 edits will trigger a sandbox job. Only one sandbox job can run at a time, if a sandbox job is triggered and there is one running, then the job is rejected.

          So this means you edit 10 CIs, triggering 10 jobs.

          First job starts running, at this time maybe only 8 CI were created, 2 CIs were still not created.

          Job completed merging the 8 CIs, the other 2 CI will be left out cause no other jobs will run, the jobs that triggered were rejected.


          An easy way to fix this is to edit 1 more CI which will trigger another job and this job will Merge all 3 CIs.

          I believe ITSM had developed workflow for a Queueing mechanism. I will check with them on this.


          What is the version we are discussing here?

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