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    BPPM (9.6) REST API - send event over HTTP to BPPM

    Dhirendra SIngh
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      Hi All,


      Hope all doing good,


      We have one requirement to integrate one  application with bppm 9.6 where event will be sent over the rest api as payload.


      I am going through with several post but most of them is related to BPPM 10x ,


      Please suggest how we can do the rest best integration with BPPM 9.6 version

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          Brendan Murray

          Hi Dhirendra,


          To the best of my knowledge, the APIs for managing events have not changed much in TrueSight Operations Management since BPPM 9.6. For example, the syntax of the Create Event call in TrueSight Operations Management 11.3.x is the same as it is in BPPM 9.6. You can find the documentation for the BPPM 9.6 APIs for managing events here.


          Bhuvaneswaran Ekanathan has posted a very helpful PDF document to BMC Communities on the TrueSight Operations Management APIs. Even though it is for TSOM, many of the examples he provides should also work for BPPM 9.6. This is certainly true of the Create Event API. The major difference between TSOM and BPPM is the authentication process. In TSOM, authentication requests go to the /tsws/10.0/api/authenticate/login API on the Presentation Server. In BPPM, they go to the /bppmws/api/authenticate/login API on the BPPM server. Also, in BPPM you must supply the login credentials in URL Encoded or Base64 Encoded format. TSOM also allows you to supply the login credentials in the request body in JSON format, but I don't believe this option will work in BPPM. Bhuvan provides an example of the URL Encoded method in his document, but remember that the API URL will be different for BPPM.





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