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    Tomcat Upgrade 8.5.54( from 8.5.34) - Error 404

    Abdul Moid Mohammed
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      Hi Everyone,


      As per the earlier Discussion( i have checked on the details mentioned @Tomcat Upgrade from 8.0.36 to 8.5.34 ) but the issue remains the same with the error - Error 404.


      We are to upgrade our Web Servers/Midtier Tomcat 8.5.34 to 8.5.54.


      If it goes well we will upgrade on RSSO,DWP along the Midtier


      I have checked all the associated Articles as below but still the issue persists.




      I was trying to upgrade tomcat and was able to see the service started for tomcat but I am unable to access the midtier config page which throws 404 Errors.


      I did try to rollback the installed version of Tomcat and restore 8.5.34(Tomcat folder) but even that broke as of now,unable to access Mid tier Config page!


      Can you please suggest me to proceed further on this Upgrade 8.5.54


      Appreciate response/guidance at your earliest availability.


      Thanks;--Abdul Moid

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