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    "Your session has timed out" when accessing event source in TSPS

    Patrick Mischler
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      Hi Community,


      In a TrueSight setup I have encountered the following issue:




      When checking the logs of the affected TSIM server (TSIM server where the cell is installed), I have found the following.



      ERROR 04/28 16:23:35 BPPMServerConnUsingSAPService [ajp-nio-] Could not authenticate client with username:null




      ERROR 04/28 16:24:35 [ajp-nio-] TSPSWSAuthenticator Error while validating the Token

      com.bmc.bppm.wsclient.exception.ClientNotRegisteredException: Could not connect to server using given credentials, Message Returned from server : No connection to server


      My first guess is, that there is a connection not working. But which one? To which server? To the TSPS?


      Any ideas?


      Thank you!


      Kind Regards,