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    CMDB Recon

    Alex Kim
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      After installing new Discovery, I noticed that LastScanDate is no longer updating. Because of resync issue, I created a new dataset and everything seems to work but the issue is that field no longer updates on the existing CIs (new CIs have no issues). However, if I update update a field (i.e. room) and run recon, it works without any issue. Has anyone seen this?

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          Arun Mungase

          Hi Alex,


          It seems sync issue, please refer below doc it may help you to resolve this issue.


          CMDB reporting and last scan date



          Arun M

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            Alex Kim

            Thanks for the reply but that didn't help. We have Continuous Sync on and LastScanDate is updated in BaseElement and ComputerSystem.

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              Varun Patwardhan

              Hi Alex,


              I am assuming that the Discovery sync has created the CIs correctly in the BMC.ADDM dataset and the issue you are facing is for the CIs in BMC.Asset dataset, post reconciliation.


              Can you confirm that the CI from the BMC.ADDM dataset that you are checking is actually getting merged in the CI in the BMC.Asset dataset or not ? We need to validate first if the CI in the BMC.Asset is actually getting updated post reconciliation (You can check the Modified Date of the CI) and that only the LastScanDate is not getting updated in the BMC.Asset dataset. If this is the case, then there may be some precedence set on this field which is preventing it from getting merged from the BMC.ADDM to the BMC.Asset dataset.


              Hope this helps.




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