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    Call Work Flow and Get Response

    Rolf Cooke
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      How might one call a work flow and get a response?


      I have been successful calling work flow (Call Activity) and have that work flow execute as stand-alone, but I have not seen capability to get answer from something called.

      For example, I would like to build work flow that will clean up JSON string produced by a Multi-Select Menu.

      -- JSON response might be like ""Answer1","Answer2","Answer3,""

      -- Value I would like captured:  Answer1, Answer2, Answer3 (without double-quotes, without ending comma, and inserting space after each comma)

      Objective is to render value useful to be written in a ticket where it will be read by a person (not computer).


      I can do the JSON cleanup with Compute Value operations embedded in tile work flow, but I would like to have a standard work flow object one could call from any MyIT Tile.