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    Install Client Management Agent during discovery

    Mike Andrews
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      I'm struggling with the rollout of the Client Management Agent to devices that are newly discovered.  Is there a way to force this?  I have discoveries setup for each of my separate subnets, and I've finally got them scheduled so they don't overlap - so new devices are being discovered fairly reliably. 


      What I am noticing is that many of the newly discovered devices are not getting the BCM agent installed.


      Any help would be most appreciated.



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          Steve Gibbs

          Howdy Mike,


          Several things need to be in place to make sure this works as desired.


          Are you using an On Premise instance or a SaaS solution such as Remedy Force Premium or Premium +?. If SaaS then if only using the built-in interface thru RF, options are more limited and below solution may not be available unless you are logging in using the BCM Management Console.


          • Create Query using the following criteria:
            • Discovered by = use the name of the device used as a scanner for the site you are working on.  This is important if you have multiple locations and you have enabled the relay as both a scanner and a rollout server.  This should be a dedicated BCM devices if it will be using multiple roles.
            • Topology Type= Unmanaged (Devices discovered will have an ORANGE icon)
            • Operating system Name Starts With Microsoft Windows
            • Optional value could be Last Update greater than -1 day - only devices that are online will be attempted to have an agent installed. All the previously discovered devices will be ignored
          • Use this query to populate a device group (I use device groups in an organized method like "Agent Management > Agent Rollout > Windows Devices needing agent > Site Name + Windows Devices Needing Agent
          • Make sure you have a rollout server designated for that site and assign the Windows Agent to the rollout server
            • Assign the proper user account with proper credentials that has admin rights on those Windows devices (last tab)
            • Assign the device group you just created (should be empty until you run the next scan).  Make sure you check the box to make the group assigned dynamic.  This will remove and add devices based on the query and when you scan these device.
            • Leave the schedule as run immediately and run once. (As soon as those devices are discovered they will be a member of the device group and an agent will be deployed within 10 minutes of being added to the group)


          A common mistake is setting a schedule to run based on a schedule, devices may be turned off shortly after the scan was run and miss the opportunity to install the agent.


          Anyway, that is the method I teach...  Is this what you are doing? If not, give it a shot. You could also set the query to use Last Update to a shorter time to ensure all devices are removed from the dynamic group and get added back in each time you run the scan.


          Let us know if this works for you or do you have other issues.  Hard to tell based on the limited info you provided if this is what you were asking. Other known issues deal with DNS and the inability to do accurate name resolution due to old CNAMES or lack of scavenging reverse records (Stale) and devices coming in over VPN where you may need to manually use IPs vs. Device Name to get those end points.



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            Mike Andrews


            That's some great info right there! 


            We are on-prem with BCM 12.8 and Track-It Web


            I've taken your steps and made great progress already.  It does appear that there was a query already defined for unmanaged devices, but it was not assigned to a device group, and therefore was also not assigned a rollout.  I've corrected that and am doing some testing now.


            Thanks again, this is exactly what I needed.

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              Steve Gibbs

              Mike Andrews,


              It is best NOT to use any pre-existing queries and make modifications.  Best practice is to CREATE a NEW query with the CRITERIA I outlined. Note: Any OOTB objects can and do get reloaded or recreated/modified during VERSION or PATCH when applied.


              Glad you are making progress!


              Not sure if you had the benefit of Professional Services for BMC Client Management piece of the NEW TrackIt implementation.  Feel free to reach out if you think you would benefit from additional guidance as you get Client Management up and running. Often times, one size does not fit all and the default values may not work they best, especially in larger implementations with multiple locations.