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    Is it possible to migrate clients from one relay to another?

    Gabriel Flores
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      Using BMC Client Management - Is it possible to migrate clients from one relay to another, without redeploying the client?  Migrating relay from Windows 7 to a new Windows 10 box, and want to transfer all clients on win7 box to win10 box without having to rollout the client again.

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          Steve Gibbs



          You can use an Op Rule to modify the client configuration to use an alternate relay or add additional Mechanisms. Best practice is to use the following during initial configuration of the agent rollout depending on the size of your organization and the number of relays required:


          • Add/use DHCP Scope (Clients will use local DHCP scope option (default is 222). Modify the actual Scope Option to point to new relay at least one week prior to retiring the old relay.
          • Relay List: add the various networks that devices with an agent can reference and based on their network a local relay is assigned.
          • Backup: this is where you can assign multiple selections but typically you can add a Failover Relay:1610, Master Server:1610, External DNS/DMZ Relay:1610


          By configuring these you will be assured that when a Relay is retired or offline you will have the ability to not loose connectivity.


          If you only used a single entry and pointed to a specific relay where no other options are configured then you are faced with "how to correct" question.  Options are:

          • Use a GPO Script to replace the Relay.ini file for each end point with a TESTED and VERIFIED configuration pointing to a new Relay.
          • Use another tool like some Anti-Virus solutions allow for end point manipulation.
          • Use something like WinZip and self extracting file to proper location to be executed locally with elevated account as the service needs to be stopped prior and started after file is replaced.
          • If the old relay is already offline then simply rename the new relay with the same name as the previous relay and use the same IP if IP was used instead of name in the configuration file (Relay.ini).
          • Worst case, reinstall agent but this time make sure you use DHCP scopes, Relay List, and or at the vary least a backup entry so you will nevel loose connectivity again.