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    To know more about TrueSight

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      Hi Team,


      Currently I am working and learning about TrueSight. Previously i am working on BPPM 9.6 version. I want clear my confusion and have a few question about TrueSight.


      As per my knowledge i know about operational and Administration.


      1)What is Presentation server in TrueSight?


      2)What is the difference between Infrastructure Policy and Monitoring Policy?


      3)I have much knowledge on BPPM 9.6 Operation console, Same like as i found Truesight Infrastructure Management console in TrueSight. But i have confusion about no.of consoles on Truesight and terminology, how can i understand about this scenario.

      Like TrueSight capacity optimisation, Truesight Presentation server


      4)How many consoles in trueSight, what are that? what is the use of those consoles?