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    VCenter Guest Movement report

    Dave DeWolf
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      Hello All - has anyone tried to create a report or query that would show a guest movement over a duration.  Basically I want to capture it was on host x at some point and now it is on host y...





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          Mark Edwards

          To track changes in Discovery you are basically stuck using two query functions historySubset or displayHistory, neither of which are very output friendly.


          To see all migrations for a particular host for say the past 30 days something like -


          search Host where name = 'xxxxxx'



            historySubset(#, currentTime() - (30 * 24 * 3600 * 10000000), currentTime(),[],["ContainedHost:HostContainment:HostContainer:VirtualMachine"])


          should do it.


          Alternatively if you have the vCenter Event Source enabled then you can look for the required hostname in the vcenter event messages:


          search ExternalEvent where __source = 'vCenter' and message has substring 'xxxxx'

          SHOW event_time, message, type


          obviously the time this data is kept for will depend on your Event Removal settings.



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            Dave DeWolf

            Thanks, that helps