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    RE:Discrepencies on Workflows in Demo and DEV

    Abdul Moid Mohammed
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      Hi Team,


      We are on BMC Remedy with ARS,ITSM Suite,SRM,SLM along with RSSO/DWP 1802


      We are in the process of Upgrading our environments to higher versions.


      While verifying the workflows we were able to see the discrepancies in the workflows (DEMO – Delivered and DEV – Development/Test)

      • Discrepancies as in workflows are disabled on DEMO(Unmodified) and the same is Enabled on TST(Unmodified)
      • Sample ones for your reference as below


      These filters are disabled in DMO, but ran in TST:

      • SHR:SHRCAI_GetAttcahmentCount1
      • SHR:SHRCAI_GetAttcahmentCount2
      • SHR:SHRCAI_GetAttcahmentCount3
      • SHR:SHRCAI_CheckIfAttachmentIsReffered_CallGuide



      We would like to have the similar workflows on all the environments through out like DEMO with TST.( Do we go ahead and enable them by comparing the Demo - Delivered on to TST Environment)?


      Any concerns/issues related do let me know.