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    Smart IT Provider Action example

    Paul Bastin
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      Good morning,


      Can anyone assist in providing an example of a provider action in Smart IT?


      What's confusing me is how the actions relate to the filters.


      I created a filter that sets the HPD:Help Desk form field "Reported Source" to "Fax". It is set to execute on "Service" and has no other run qualifications.


      I created a template in SMT:SmartIT_Provider Action Template Configuration called Test. Source form is set to HPD:Help Desk and data source is "incident". It has a single Input mapping of "Reported Source".


      I created a provider action in Smart IT, using the "Test" template I had created. Availability mode is set to "Both".


      This is where I get confused. How do I trigger the filter I've created from this point? It asks for input mappings, what am I supposed to enter here?

      If I were to remove the input from the template, I can't use the template at all. If I were to use output instead, it asks me to map to a list of fields on the Smart IT ticket.


      I'd really appreciate it if someone could go through step by step how to make a working provider action, doesn't matter what it does, just so long as I can see it working.


      Thanks again for your time!

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