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    Issue While Publishing Impact Model from CMDB to TrueSight

    Abhay Kumar
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      Hello Everyone,


      I have query regarding Impact Model Designer. For example, I have 100 CIs under a Model and instead of publishing 100 CIs, can i publish only selected10 CIs to TrueSight ?

      As of now I have changed publish option according to below 2 options for which CIs I don’t want to publish on to TrueSight but those are still visible.

      Yes, Only Me: Publish only Me, but Not My Providers.

      No: Do Not Publish Me nor My Providers


      On top of it, there is BusinessService CI where I have selected below publish option while publishing model from CMDB to TrueSight.

      Yes and Propagate: Publish Me and My Providers (for optional performance, select Yes only for top level CIs)


      CMDB Version : 9.1.04