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    Business Rules: Variables does not work in outgoing emails

    Philipp Ernicke
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      since last weekend my customer has massivly problems with outgoing eMails (business rule -> send email to user if a new ticket is created)


      All variable with {Ticket - xxxxx} does not work anymore.


      But {ACTIONRESULT,1} works, {TICKETLASTENOTE} too.


      Therefor I would say the placeholder like "Ticket - TicketID" instead of "ACTIONRESULT,1",  are corrupt.

      Is there any way to fix this rapidly?


      If I try to save the text I created, the text is cut off at the first variable I have used and the variable itself is converted to something else.


      Example: "abcd 1234 {Ticket - TicketID} 1234 ffff"; save it -> "abdcd 1234 {DB,241Ticket ID,,""}" "


      I always opend a case but I got no reply til yet.

      Mabe its a more or less known issue and community can give me an advice.




      Thanks in advance,