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    Have you invoked your Business Continuity Plan for COVID-19?

    Ben Davies
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      We had a conversation about how to react to the COVID-19 mess, and I suggested to use the authorizations (probably) already available in the Business Continuity Plan.


      Here is a power point conversation to discuss this..

      Cultural Events and Capacity

      "This is a revisit of a presentation called “Incorporating Weather Data Into Capacity Planning Analysis” Originally presented at St Louis CMG meeting in 2018, and CMG imPACt 2017.


      While the original focus was on incorporating weather data into capacity analysis, a relevant observation was made around the impact that cultural events have on IT Capacity. This is a summary of those observations and expanding to include how these observations could be leveraged in the times of COVID-19.


      Guest appearance from Business Continuity Plan, Disaster Recovery Plan, and Flexibility as defined in Policy and Procedure."



      We hope this helps.   I was personally surprised by how many people had not considered their "Business Continuity Plan".