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    COVID-19 impact on your job & network?

    Seth Paskin
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      Hey Capacity Managers

      Hope you and your families are healthy and safe. Physical quarantine is tough for many individuals and organizations. In my case, I've worked remote for a good percentage of my career, so work isn't much different but being quarantined at home with my working wife and 2 year old has made my conference calls more 'entertaining'.


      For capacity managers, the sudden and extensive shift of field and office workers to work-from-home (WFH) has created an urgent need to determine what bandwidth consumption looks like as well as spiking and expected run-rate load of new remote workers. We've been having a lot of conversations internally and seeing customers reach out - I'd like to put out the request here that the CO community share their experiences, strategies and tactics:

      • How are you determining current network bandwidth and forecasting/planning for additional load
      • What challenges is the shift having on your business
      • How has this affected you and your job


      BMC is here to help. We have asked our network team to document their process and best practices. Robin Reddick turned it into a blog and we are following up with a webinar with more information and Q&A with the experts. We are also building a set of COVID-19 Response Resources here on BMC Communities that we will update regularly. Please support your peers here and don't be shy about asking for assistance from us or them!

      With hopes for a speedy return to world health,