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    11.6.10 blank.html issue

    Leslie Sowell
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      We have a ticket in with BMC, but its taking quite awhile so wanted to ask the hivemind if you've experienced this. We recently upgraded our DEV environment to 11.6.10 from 11.6.9 - As soon as we did we no longer could schedule auto-run reports or add CCs  - when clicking on the field to add an email address we get an error "The page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred." and it tries to pull up a "blank.html" page

      BMC indicated that we just needed to delete our webconfig file. This broke other things - like being able to log into Footprints. They are currently looking into this further, but was thinking maybe, just maybe someone else has experienced this and found the alternative fix.


      Has anyone else dealt with this error? If so, what was your fix?



      Also of interest - what page is being brought up for you when you try to add a CC or add an email for an auto-run report? Is it also blank.html?

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          Nicolas Roome

          Have you trid reverting your VM back and upgrading to 11.6.11 to see if the issue is there?

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            Leslie Sowell

            You have to upgrade from 11.6.9 to 11.6.10 to 11.6.11 - we cannot jump patches (at least this is per BMC's guidance). We did try upgrading it to 11.6.11 and the issue persisted.

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              John Ossmann



              Per your question about what page is opened when you try to add a CC, it is this one:




              I'm kind of surprised BMC stated you need to update from 11.6.9 to 11.6.10 to 11.6.11.  Technically, FP is designed to be able to upgrade from any older version (and 11.6.09 isn't that old).  But possibly it was more a suggestion from them.


              We have had several customers upgrade without having to go step by step.


              Has BMC looked at it being a permissions problem, and possibly the person who performed the upgrade didn't have proper administrator access?


              IF you DO NOT use Web Server Authentication, you may want to consider running the MRchangePermissions.pl script as follows:


              Open a command prompt on the server using "Run as Administrator" and cd to the cgi folder of where FootPrints is installed (for example C:\FootPrintsServiceCore\cgi) and run the following:


              C:\FootPrintsServiceCore\bin\perl\bin\perl MRchangePermissions.pl


              Let that run through until completion.


              BUT IF YOU ARE using Web Server Authentication, then do not run  that script as it sets permissions incorrectly.  In this case, ask BMC about permissions (assuming they have not already ruled that out).


              I also hope they looked at the updateInstallOutput log file (I think that is the name and is in C:\FootPrintsServiceCore) to ensure the upgrade actually successfully completed.


              Good luck