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    Approvals based on Cost Center

    Shawn Kogan
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      Good morning... upper management is wanting to streamline some approval processes and by-pass first level managers and take approvals straight to a cost center owner.   I see there is a form that tracks cost centers and their owners.    I've played with an existing SRD and via Actions, I have been able to pull the cost center owner and go back to the people form to capture their ID and email.


      What I am not familiar with is the creation of new AOT, PDT and SRD.   Nor am I too familiar with the entire approval process.  I've read a lot of documentation, but nothing really goes in depth.  It is all very high level.  It seems there are MANY forms that might come into play with approvals.


      Is this considered a custom approval?  Is it an individual approval?   Is there any good documentation that outlines the required steps to setup what I am trying to do?  I'd like to be able to test this process before suggesting a solution to upper management.