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    Attribute isVirtual in CMDB

    Roland Pocek
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      hi everyone,


      i found today that i have problems with publish process in TSOM, giving me the error that the attribute isVirtual is now called isVirutal_old. therefore publish is not working and if fixing this by getting the newest pclassinfo export adding new patrol agents fails because there is no attribute isVirutal anymore which is needed to create new device!


      found the following KB article:


      Atrium CMDB:Post Atrium Core upgrade to version 19.08, unable to create Reconciliation Job : Error "unknown field referenced in query line; at position 168 ('$isVirtual$')"


      anyone already saw this? it seems the pclassinfo does get the fields with specific namespace or id or so, the new isVirutal is not in the result of pclassinfo which is now in baseelement and not bmc_system anymore