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    Business Rule and Template issue - causes multiple emails

    Russ Jones
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      Chris, I think that you or Brian may have the most familiarity, but I welcome input from all parties.


      For a long time we have had a business rule that took an incoming email and created a ticket.  Once the ticket existed, the technicians would review it, but they had to go through filling out exactly the same required fields on each ticket, about a 1000 times a month.


      So in my infinite wisdom I decided to modify the Business rule on creation of an 'email in' ticket would be a perfect solution.  Fill out the fields on creation.  It works marvelously, except for one snag.


      We also have a Business rule that says, if any technician, other than the currently assigned technician, modifies the ticket, an email goes out to the assigned tech.  This is the rule that kicks off when you assign tickets to other groups or techs, or anyone updates information on someone else's ticket. 


      If I watch in the Business Rule Event Viewer, I can see the ticket get created, the assigned tech 'Notify Tech - Pseudo tech' receives the expected 1 email.  Then about a minute later, the other rule kicks in and since 2 fields were filled out during creation of the email in ticket, 2 additional emails go out to the same 'Notify Tech - pseudo tech'


      Notify Tech - Pseudo tech is one of the tech names we use for a distro group in AD.  That distro group has the actual techs listed for notification so any one of several can pick up the ticket.  Once past the initial 3 emails, everything works perfectly again.


      Sooooo, after all of that background, the question is:

           - How can I prevent the 2nd rule from acting on the incoming email rule?  I've thought about doing a delay on execution, but I'm thinking the flags are still set in the DB so the delay wouldn't handle it.  I can't just say don't update if ticket was created via email because then the notification wouldn't work when we expect them to when reassigning tickets across groups.  I guess I'm looking for a way to tell rule 2 - Hey, this ticket is just getting started - ignore it.


      Anyone have any thoughts?  I'm sure it is doable, I'm pretty sure it is doable, I think it is doable, I'm hoping it is doable.......