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    Is anybody else having an issue with their BMC Communities session expiring frequently?

    Jason Miller
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      My Communities session has been expiring very quickly the last few days. I know it was happening on Friday but it may have started as early as Wednesday or Thursday even. I was paying closer attention on Friday and it seemed every time I returned to Communities to check my inbox I had to refresh the page to hit the Okta SSO. I get logged back in without re-entering my credential however it is frustrating.


      I had to refresh at least 4 times, maybe 5, while I was replying to: How can I get an SRD to email a notification after submission?   (now that was very annoying). Fortunately I have been bitten so many times by this platform (did I really just say fortunately?) that I have a habit of any time I am working on a longish post/reply, that I continually copy the content to a text document so I don't lose anything I have typed. So in this case I would get the message that my session was expired as I was typing, hit CTRL+A then CTRL+C, paste into my text doc, I would then hit F5, press the recover button, and then paste in my most recent version that was in my clipboard (the recover button never recovers all of what I have typed but I do this to clear the "recovered" content). I didn't officially time it, but it seemed like my session was expiring every 10 minutes or so (+/- 5 min).