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    Issue with Cloud Probe (Fix Pack 2) - Unable to Start

    Anuparn Padalia
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      Hi All,


      I am facing issue with one of the Component of Real End User Experience Monitoring i.e. CLOUD PROBE.


      Post installation, I don't see the Cloud Probe reflecting under Collector Console. On Stopping and Starting the Cloud Probe, it give a unstoppable xml message on screen -



      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


        <status result="failure">

            <msg code="1201" severity="ERROR"><![CDATA[Access denied.]]></msg>




      To stop this, I need to run Stop Command on this Cloud Probe.


      I checked the Knowledge Base and found below solution, but on checking it seems

      This error means that Cloud Probe was able to connect to the Collector but was not able to log into it. This can happen in 2 cases:
      1/ The account configured in the Cloud Probe configuration does not exists on the Collector
      2/ There is a mismatch in the password (configured password in Cloud Probe does not match the one of the account on the Collector)

      Both of the conditions checked and verified by running maintenance utility but it seems not working out.


      If anyone faced similar problem, please share solution.



      Anuparn Padalia