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    Importing SR Fulfillment Input in to a new Incident field

    John Wisdom
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      So, you know how you create this new field on the incident object that gets populated via mapping the user input from the request definition and your stake holders love it? Every one of these specific requests created from this point on have this field populated and they are able to use it to filter reports, etc... and everyone thinks you are the greatest! Then, one of them says, "Hey, this is great BUT we have these like hundreds of tickets created before this change was made where that new totally awesome, life changing field is blank. Can you do a one time roll up on that field so all of these tickets are populated with the customer input?"


      Awkward pause......followed by, "Uhhhhh....maybe?".


      Well, Data Loader is no good because I can't capture the fulfillment inputs. I was thinking a temporary formula field that I could roll the value to and then copy it to the actual text field via Data Loader but so far not able to figure that out. Process Builder seems to be a dead end.


      So, I'm sending out a message via the BMC Communities droid; "Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope."