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    Identify policy or MRL rule

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      Hi Team,


      We have one Incident information, it was generated and closed 3months back. The alert information not available in BPPM console.


      I want to check which policy or MRL code configured for the below alert. How can i identify this information.


      Pluggable Table Space Percent space used > 85% for 5 min

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          Brendan Murray

          Hi Venkateswara,


          Based on the information you have provided, this looks like an event that was generated by the BPPM rate engine, i.e. it is an internal BPPM event, not a PATROL agent event. I say this because the event message includes this information "> 85% for 5 min". This is the standard format for events generated using Absolute Thresholds in BPPM. The message will include the threshold value (85% in this case) and the duration, i.e. how long the value must be above (or below) the threshold before the alarm is generated. If I am correct that the event was generated by an absolute threshold, then no MRL code was involved. The event was generated by a simple threshold setting on BPPM itself (rather than a threshold on a PATROL agent).


          You can list BPPM thresholds using the pw threshold list command from the OS command line. I don't have a system where I can test this, but  I believe you can enter the command without arguments:


          pw threshold list


          and it will return the list of all thresholds. If you want to be more specific, you can specify the Monitor Type and Attribute. In this case, the monitor type would be something like "Pluggable Tablespace" and the attribute would be "Percent spaced used". This monitor type is provided by the Oracle Database KM. If you are not sure of the exact names of the monitor type and attribute, navigate to an instance of Oracle monitoring on the BPPM Operations Console and view the properties of a Pluggable Tablespace monitor instance.


          If pw threshold list returns only a global threshold for Pluggable Tablespace Percent Space Used, you know that's what's triggering your alarm. If you find both global and instance thresholds, then the instance thresholds override the global threshold. Instance thresholds may be set directly from the Operations Console or using a monitoring policy. If you find you have instance thresholds set, the next step is determine which method was used. That is a complicated topic, so I will not go into it at this point. The first step is to use pw threshold list to find the thresholds for Pluggable Tablespace Percent Space Used.