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    Waking up users from the dead - or adding Remedy Login ID to CTM:People

    Peter Lundqvist
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      Our IAM team have the unpleasant task of waking up users after managers forget to inform them that their users have had their employment extended. How this happens when there is an integration between HR and them is beyond me but here we are.


      Since we have removed the users Remedy Login ID and disabled the users - we need to wake them up again.


      Enabling the user in CTM:People works fine, but when we try to set their Remedy Login ID on the system complains that the The Remedy Login ID selected is already in use. Please use another value.


      The two filters responsible for this are:

      • CTM:PPL:ChkDupRemID_490 - checks User for Remedy Login ID
      • CTM:PPL:ChkDupRemID_491 - If previouse filter returned a Login ID - throw a Message of type Error


      We could modify these filters to make an exception, insert a run order jump, or look to see if there is functionality to do this in the platform.


      I notice, on execution order 0, that there is a filter called CTM:PPL:BypassValidationWorkflow that seems... possibly useful? All you have to do is set 'z1D Action' = "PEOPLESYNC_UPDATE".

      It jumps to execution order 950, well past the offending filters. But there are A LOT of filters, not in filter guides, on CTM:People.

      So I've tried it. It works. We have revived the dead user. In test. I'm sure all those filters did nothing important.


      Or not. What is the intended use for 'z1D Action' = "PEOPLESYNC_UPDATE"?