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    Smart Reporting Timezone issues

    Przemyslaw Sparazynski
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      Hi BMC,


      We have an issue with timezones in Smart Reporting.

      Long story short - the Smart IT Console is always taking user timezone into consideration.

      Smart Reporting is not - it's always set at database level as a default and can be manually changed by the user to fit the console timezone.


      The problem is - when we leave Smart Reporting it at default setting, then users will see different dates in the console vs Smart Reporting.

      On the other hand, users can change this setting to see the same dates.

      That fixes the issue for some of the reports, but at the same time breaks the Weekly/Monthly/Yearly reports, as the time functions are affected by the timezone set.

      Worst case scenario - if an incident is registered at midnight on Dec 31, two users can see it in a different year in monthly reports...


      Is there any way for the time functions (WEEK/MONTH/QUATER/YEAR) to ignore timezone settings in Smart Reporting?