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    Read-only Self Service Access?

    Elaine Herrmann
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      My organization is interested in starting to use the Self Service portal. To get started, we're looking to implement just the "View My Tickets" feature, not allowing staff to create tickets or view solutions. I see there are four different Self Service Access Levels for tickets. We would like to have employees be able to see other active tickets (of which they are not the requester), but not be able to add notes/modify them. When I was testing the Self Service features I could add notes to tickets where I wasn't the requester. It doesn't appear that we can set any kind of read-only access for tickets. Can anyone confirm that that's correct?

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          Cris Coffey

          In most typical organizations, the self service module is set up so users only see their own tickets. Even in the system we use here at BMC with employees all over the world, self service is configured to only see the users own tickets. In most normal situations, there is really no need for anyone to know what other users are submitting tickets about so I would recommend using that setting. This way you do not run any risk of someone adding notes to someone elses tickets. The main reason there is a setting to see others tickets is for managers or leads who need this access and may not have need for technician access to Track-It!  As for making it read only, that is not currently possible but you can add a feature request under Ideas here on the community if you would like.