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    Reasons Utility Service would stop?

    Joshua Lenning
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      I got a report today that auto assignment wasn't working. After confirming, I checked RF Admin settings the the service appeared to be on because the button said "Stop" instead of Start. 
      I checked the Salesforce Setup "Scheduled Jobs" and I didn't see "Remedyforce Utility Service" listed.  So I went back to RF Admin settings and Stopped the service. I then Started it again.  I checked Scheduled jobs and see that "Remedyforce Utility Service" is listed now.  I tested auto assignment and it works again.


      So - What causes the utility service to stop running, or disappear from Scheduled Jobs?   I recently did a "Compile all classes" in the Apex Classes page but I can't think of anything else that should affect it.  Are there times where I should be restarting the service?