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    TrackIT 2020 Auto Login

    Chris Thompson
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      Is anyone having an issue when trying to use auto login for Windows Authentication? There are times when the language selection feature freezes up the auto login. Also we are unable to link from our intranet site to the trackit site because of the language selection feature. For some reason it hangs and is unable to select a language. All I want is English, I really wish the lanuage selection could be disabled.

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          Cris Coffey

          From what I understand, there are some issues with SharePoint when using their new page types in creating these links. For some reason it strips the AD info off the call when clicking on it to go over to Track-It! which causes the login to hang.  From what I understand, Sharepoint has a page type called the Classic page, which does not do this and allows it to work properly. There is also a way to link to the URL below the language selector I believe so that you are linking straight to the auto login itself and once the language is selected the first time, it shouldn't prompt again. The link should look something like this -


          http: //servername/ Track-It/SelfService/Login/?showErrors=true


          If you are having issues with this, please reach out to support for some assistance.