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    Track-It Features

    Madhusudan Chinnammagari
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      We are planning to upgrade from Track-it 11.4 to 2020 Release 01, can someone please clarify me on below topics.


      1) Is Asset Management or Inventory part of Track-it Technician Client UI as in 11.4 or is there a separate UI?

      2) Is there a module for Patch Management?

      3) with regards to Network Discovery in Asset Management, an asset it treated new based on the Service Tag or the IP Address or something else?

      4) Is there a way to automatically delete the assets that are not currently active from the list?

      5) appreciate any document/link to listing the changes in Asset Management from 11.4 to 2020 Release.



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          Cris Coffey

          Yes asset management is included and there is a UI in Track-It!  There is no "client" now with Track-It! because it is all web based. For basic discovery and auditing configuration, you can utilize just the Track-It! user interface. If you want to do something more advanced or utilize other features like Patch Management, then you would need to open the Client Management user interface which is what Track-It! 20xx uses for asset management.


          For Asset Discovery, the default configuration of Client Management will use the device name and IP address for uniqueness but I believe this is customizable in Client Management.


          There is no way to automatically delete assets that I know of.


          The best way I can describe the new version is that Client Management does everything the old Track-It! asset management did plus a lot more.

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            Madhusudan Chinnammagari



            Thanks for the reply.  Do you guys help Client Management installation along with evaluation of architecture?

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              Cris Coffey

              We have consultants you can hire who would be able to assist with that if you would like. If you are interested, we can give you a few contacts.