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    Atrium CMDB REST API - Creating Relationship

    Srinivasan Kaliyaperumal
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      HI Team,


      We are using BMC Remdy 19.08 suite, I am new to Atrium CMDB REST API, i was able to create / Modify the CI using REST API thanks to  BMC Documentation. However i finding it difficult to create relationship between 2 CI, it is not explicitly mentioned in the document.


      Do i need to try same as creating CI for creating relationship also, or is there any better way to do it.




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          Prachi Godkhindi



          You need to use the same API to create relationship instances as well

          Here is a Sample request Payload for a relationship instance.



            "instances": [


                "class_name_key": {

                  "name": "BMC_Component",

                  "namespace": "BMC.CORE"


                "dataset_id": "BMC.AE.SB.Demo.1",

                "attributes": {

                  "Name": "rel_1582799813603",

                  "ShortDescription": "Relationship between BMC_BusinessService and BMC_BusinessService",

                  "HasImpact": "No",

                  "Source.DatasetId": "BMC.AE.SB.Demo.1",

                  "Source.ClassId": "BMC_BUSINESSSERVICE",

                  "Source.InstanceId": "OIGAA5V0H4DHDAQG2WESQG2WESDIA4",

                  "Destination.DatasetId": "BMC.AE.SB.Demo.1",

                  "Destination.ClassId": "BMC_BUSINESSSERVICE",

                  "Destination.InstanceId": "OIGAA5V0H4DHDAQG2WFFQG2WFFDIAO"





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            Ganesh Gore

            Ideally to create relationship between two CIs, you need to pass source CI instance id, destination CI instance id, dataset and name to the relationship class and that's it. process of creation of instance remains same.