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    Where is Remedy workflow change history stored in database?

    Jeff R
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      I don't mean Status history of a Remedy form. I'm talking about if I modify a Remedy form or modify a Remedy active link, there's a last modified date and last modified by fields. I can see when the form, AL, filter, whatever it is, was last modified. I'm looking for all the times the workflow was modified. If someone created a form and there were 100 changes performed since its creation, I'd like to see the date and time of each "save" and who modified it, if possible. Is this information stored somewhere in the database?


      Like I said, it's not Status history. Status history are those H tables and mapped to request IDs of the T tables. That's for records. I'm talking about tracking changes for the workflow structure itself. I don't necessarily need to know precisely what was added/removed/changed for each time the workflow was updated, although that'd be a nice bonus. Modified date and, if possible, who modified the the workflow is what I'm after here.


      Thanks for your help.