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    DWP Status Reason Spacing and Line Breaks

    Jonathan Piechur
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      My customer is running DWP 18.08 and has a requirement to store a URL that has been generated by an external JIRA system via a REST call into the Status Reason of a DWP Service Request. I am able to store the URL, but the issue comes when I have multiple URLs that need to be stored, and when I receive a status back from JIRA. Presently, I cannot get an line breaks between the URLs, nor the status. Any additional white-space I add is being stripped out. Is there a way to force DWP to allow a line break, or additional white-space to force a line break?  In the first screenshot, I need a line break between the "4645" and "https". In the second screenshot, I need a line break between "4643" and "https".

      In the workflow that builds the URL, I did attempt a STRIPHTML("<br>"), and simply putting a line break between a set of double quotes, and neither of these worked.