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    BMC Analytics for BSM upgrade from 8.1.00 To 8.1.00 Patch 1

    M K
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      Hi All,


      Guidance required.


      AR Server Version : 8.1.00

      ITSM Version : 8.1.00

      BMC Analytics version : 8.1.00

      SAP Business Objects Version : 4.1 SP01


      BMC has recommended to upgrade BMC Analytics for BSM from 8.1.00 To 8.1.00 Patch 1 in order to integrate with Remedy SSO (RSSO 9.1.03).

      The steps to be followed are as follows

      How to upgrade BMC Analytics 7.6.x to 8.1.00 Patch 1, on Windows ?


        1. Back up the existing universe and reports using Promotion Management tool.
        2. Uninstall BMC Analytics

        3. Delete all the folders from %temp%

        4. Delete Analytics installation directory if found.

        5. Delete ITSM universe.

        6. Delete ITSM universe Connection.

        6) Delete all promotion jobs

        7) Delete all the BMC Analytics Report directory.

        8) Delete ANA FISICAL Calander form from the BMC Remedy Developer Studio in the Base Development mode.

        9) Make sure all the BI services are running, check it from the CMC console.

        9) Restart the Analytics box.

        10)Install higher version of Analytics.
        11)Import all backed up reports, universes and connections, using promotion job tool


      The above steps are to upgrade from 7.6.04 to 8.1.00 Patch 1 BUT...... we are on BMC Analytics 8.1.00


      We have only production environment and can't afford to have the system down for more than one day.


      Any other backup's required other than the AR System backup and BOXI server snapshot to re-instate if the installation fails.


      Please shed some light.


      Thanks in advance.