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    Storage Modeling with Subclasses Type 'Logical System Component' [BMC.CORE:BMC_StorageExtent] and [BMC.CORE:BMC_LogicalDisk] not available from CI Relationship search?

    Christophe Jourdain
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      CI Type 'Logical System Component' [BMC.CORE:BMC_StorageExtent] and [BMC.CORE:BMC_LogicalDisk] items not available when searching such component items with the standard relationship search 'Button' -> AST:OSGenericSearch_dlg from the AST:ComputerSystem.


      Any suggestion relating to this settings ?


      I would want establish such relationships, as describe the documentation : Storage modeling - Documentation for BMC Atrium Core 9.1 - BMC Documentation
      CMDB version :


      • Virtual Machine with virtual disks
        A virtual machine has one or more virtual disks associated with it just like hard disks are associated with a physical server. The virtual disk is represented using a BMC_LogicalDisk CI instance as shown in the following diagram. It represents a contiguous range of logical blocks on a storage device either on a local hard drive or a NAS/SAN infrastructure.

      • Virtual Machine with Raw Storage Volume (LUN)
        Raw storage volume (LUN) can be directly mapped to a physical or virtual server. Raw storage volume is modeled as an instance of the BMC_StorageVolume class. The following diagram shows a raw storage volume allocated to a virtual machine.