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    Smart Folder Best Practice

    Haw Kor
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      Hi All,


      Does anyone have any best practices they would like to share around smart folders vs regular folders? Because of the additional functionality offered by smart folders, I would think there is additional overhead in tracking and processing smart folders in the AJF?  Can this be confirmed?

      Has anyone worked with multiple nested smart folders? If so, what is the use case?





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          Ronny Meier

          Hi Haw,


          we're using smartfolders without subfolders. For us they are the smallest category for our Processes.

          We cut Applications by Attribute "Application" and "Subapplication" to keep an overview and design access rights.


          Just some of the advantages of using a smartfolder:

          • make transistions to next orderdate easy like a control-ressource on smartfolder, so the next date will not start if the current date is still running.
          • no need to make jobs cyclic, just make the smartfolder cyclic to restart the whole process
          • you don't need a start job, you can setup the scheduling for the group directly on the smartfolder
          • you don't need an end job, you can create conditions when the group is finished or failed, or do other on do actions like Alerts.


          In my opinion tracking is easier than without, because i only have to track the status of the smart folders. I don't see the need for subfolders anymore, but i'm very interested in seeing some usecases for them.


          just my 2 cents - regards


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            Haw Kor

            Thanks Ronny Meier,


            Would you say it's better to just start off and define a smart folder rather than a traditional folder?



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              Ronny Meier

              I see no Problem using Smartfolders instead of normal Folders, it just has more functionality, nothing is missing. But they are not mandatory.

              I would only start off and redo something if it has a value for you, this a kind of a philosophical question.

              I don't know if Smartfolders count as Jobs for the Jobs License Model, but i am sure BMC will give you an answer to this question, thats the only reason i see to not use them.

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                Haw Kor

                Thanks for your views Ronny Meier!


                Can anyone from BMC Development comment on Control-M performance when it comes to Smart Folder vs regular Folder?


                I would think that because the smart folder has conditions / variables etc these all need to be tracked. Is this treated like another job? Would there be any performance impact if we defined 5000 smart folders  vs 2500 Smart Folders and 2500 Regular folders?





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                  Tully Krastins

                  Hi Haw,


                  We are actually converting everything from regular to smart folder for several reasons. We hjave 10 bureaus we support centrally for primarily their financial processing. All bureaus are not created equally but many of the financial reporting and auditing requiremetns are the same. Ficscal year end close is also for everyone but with different requirements for when and how. Consequently we also use sub folders where each bureau has it's own subfolder for a particlar application (in some cases where it makes sense).


                  What we found was that using smart folders gave us much better control over schedule differences at month and year end. We have found that using smart folders and rule based calendaring gives us simplified management when we need to "go dark" for some extended time. Since the calenaring is at the folder (or sub folder) level, we can just insert an exception rule and be done. With regular calendars where every job had its own schedule definition (rather than "Use Parent Schedule") we had to manually manage turning ordering the folder on and off. Now we can make the changes ahead of time and run a forecast to ensure our changes are as they should be.


                  There is a cost - smart folders count as a LUW - logical unit of work - in the BMC algorithm if that is the cost model you are using. We findit worth the cost but that is something each shop needs to determine.


                  Hope this helps,


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                    Zoila Altamirano

                    Hello - Hoping you can assist. We are still on Ctrl-M V8, hoping to convert this year. I am setting up my first smart folder with 200+ jobs. Those 200 jobs each have their own regular calendar. We ran a test using a rule based calendar on the smart folder and I didn't realize that rule based appears to be the only option for Smart folders, is this true? If I retain the regular calendar on each of the jobs, but  don't have a calendar on the smart folder itself, will the jobs still run? Would you recommend eliminating the reg calendar and just use 1 RB calendar on the smart folder level?


                    Thanks in advance for your help.