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    Smart-IT 20.02 release

    Christoph Klapetke
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      Hi Peter Adams

      you mentioned in this thread that „Console enhancements is a big focus for us, in 20.02 and likely in 20.08.“


      I checked the 20.02 enhancements and cannot find the enhancements releated to the Ticket Console in the 20.02 release.



      Actually there are 131 ideas from 2012 to 2018 which are still on the Roadmap.


      Oldest Idea on the Roadmap is from July 2012:



      Top 1

      https://communities.bmc.com/ideas/11474 with 1165 score points created in 2015 on the roadmap since 2016

      Top 2

      https://communities.bmc.com/ideas/13974 with 1035 score points created in 2016 on the roadmap since 2017

      Top 3

      https://communities.bmc.com/ideas/12550 with 1015 score points created in 2016 on the roadmap since 2018

      Top 4

      https://communities.bmc.com/ideas/14127 with 920 score points created in 2016 on the roadmap since 2018

      Top 5

      https://communities.bmc.com/ideas/13449 with 865 score points created in 2016 on the roadmap since 2017

      Top 6

      https://communities.bmc.com/ideas/14686 with 865 score points created in 2016 on the roadmap since 2017

      Top 7

      https://communities.bmc.com/ideas/9443 with 850 score points created in 2015 on the roadmap since 2015

      Top 8

      https://communities.bmc.com/ideas/11823 with 835 score points created in 2015 on the roadmap since 2018

      Top 9

      https://communities.bmc.com/ideas/1682 with 785 score points created in 2013 on the roadmap since 2015

      Top 10

      https://communities.bmc.com/ideas/10290 with 785 score points created in 2015 on the roadmap since 2015


      …and so on…

      What´s wrong here???

      In my opinion, BMC would bind far more customers and win new ones if the wishes of the customers were also taken more into account.


      Every time a customer/partner writes in an idea why it has not yet been implemented, you usually comment that there are ideas that have significantly more votes and are considered first.

      Somehow I'm missing the transparency which ideas are these?!

      Somehow you feel as a customer here not taken seriously☹


      I claim that the 20.08 release and also the announced beta must make me as a customer very positive and amazed to overlook the fact that BMC has slept through it to transfer Smart-IT to a platform that can do more than what is currently offered. From my point of view it is a mistake not to transfer Smart IT to the Helix platform technology as well.

      If the Idea Management is not perceived by BMC, then stomp it in again. This way BMC doesn't have to justify itself about customers like me and I don't have to worry about my expectations, because then I don't have any expectations about the product and the roadmap anymore.


      BMC is in my view, at the top of the league in terms of technological progress, but that's not enough. I would like to have a little more ear for the customers and their wishes.

      Other manufacturers like ServiceNow or 4me are a bit faster here. Example 4me, they release a new feature almost every week. These are always just small things, but this has a much better publicity effect, instead of hoping for the new release every 6 months and then being disappointed again.


      Keep up the good work with the innovations, but don´t forget the customers need.



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          Peter Adams

          Thanks, Christoph, for the open feedback. Thanks particularly for acknowledging the innovation that we are bringing to the market, but also for touching some of the challenges you experience from a customer perspective.


          Yes, I acknowledge that the ideas process has been challenging for customers around Smart IT.  There's probably a number of factors at play here, but the key one for Smart IT is that we have been too optimistic about our ability to deliver on these customer-driven enhancement requests, and thus expectations have not been set properly. I can certainly assure everyone that we are not ignoring the ideas and that we take customer seriously.  My team and I are reviewing the top ones regularly. But clearly many of the "On Roadmap" statements were too optimistic in terms of the timing. This is not the first time it has come up, and I feel the best course of action is to do a re-assessment of the ideas to better reflect the latest plans. I plan to address that with my team over the next weeks.


          As to some of the other points:

          • We are introducing a number of console related enhancements with this release: quick search box, shift-click open of tickets in new browser tab, performance improvements, and new filters for security incidents. Some SaaS customers have been able to get early access to many of these, as many have been released early to SaaS via 19.11 release. But 20.02 is the first time they are available for the majority of customers. Work on other high-ranked enhancements of the ticket console has started, but didn't make it into this release, unfortunately. So, I still think the statement "console enhancement is a big focus" is a valid one.
          • While BMC Helix Platform is indeed a great technology, it is a SaaS-only solution, and as you know, we still have many on-premise customers and we don't plan to abandon them. Also, after receiving much feedback about "Smart IT behaving slightly differently than mid-tier UI" and "I need to integrate custom screens (built using AR System platform) into Smart IT", I don't think using a different technology as UI platform is the right approach.

          More to share in our upcoming webinar: Connect with BMC Helix ITSM and Remedy - Remedy / Helix ITSM 20.02 Feature Release Webinar


          Have a good weekend.



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            Stefan Hall

            Interesting approach, but it makes no difference whether ideas are ignored or nothing happens, although the idea has the status "on roadmap". Nothing happens and BMC loses ground.

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              juan simarro



              I agree with Christoph 100%. It is frustrating to see how the new versions do not incorporate the good ideas of the community despite having many votes. Nor are expectations of working on ticket console improvements met. The advances in the graphic interface are very small for the 6-month wait.

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                Jani Myllymaki

                Hi, Peter


                As stated by Stefan Hall the big problem is not on what status you use with ideas, the problem is that ideas are ignored, very simple ideas may I add... example: In SmartIT, allow searching by Product Alias as in classic ITSM


                Other problem is that you are not providing the Helix Platform to onPremise customer, that is why we need to: "integrate custom screens (built using AR System platform) into Smart IT".... I don't want to do this, WE don't want to do this.

                We would prefer to use modern tools to create and develop best solutions for our customers




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