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    Integrating BMC Remedy with Dynatrace

    Shalaka khot
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      We are trying to integrate Dynatrace with BMC Remedy using Rest API.For doing so we have shared auth token with Dynatrace which remain valid only for an hour.

      In Dynatrace there no feasibility to call our rest API to generate the token before calling actual API.


      Need to know if there is any alternate way to generate the token which remain valid for longer period of time.

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          LJ LongWing


          The KB

          Which parameter controls REST API Token time out?

          describes how to set the timeout of rest tokens....but remember this controls all of them, and this is essentially a password to your system....so, leaving it to not expire for extended periods of time is risky...but that's the information on how to set it to a longer period than an hour or so...


          As to how to get a current 'valid' token to your consumer...what resource do you both have access to that you can possibly write a file to periodically that they would be able to pick up to get the 'current' token?