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    Not able to change CRQ ticket from draft to Planning in Progress

    Shivani Donga
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      Hi everyone,

                      I was trying to change the status of the CRQ ticket from Draft to Planning in Progress in pre-approved category in remedy.In the CRQ ticket i have provided the CI.But still i am not able to change the status.

                                   Kindly please look at the response.






          <error>Error occured performing remedy action: Message[summary=Error occurred while querying for field IDs on Remedy schema 'CHG:ChangeInterface'., detail='Message[summary=Error occurred while executing query ''1000000182'="CRQ000000427891"' on Remedy schema 'CHG:ChangeInterface'., detail='Message[summary=Exception occured in Adapter 'ARSAdapter'., detail=Remedy exception: '[Type=2][Num=1441120][Text=][AppendedText=You do not have permission to move to the status of "Planning In Progress".]']']']</error>





      Shivani Donga