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    Question Management in SRD

    ahmad alzoubi
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      Hi All,


      I want to ask if I can create a menu then make a condition with trigger one of the options like


          - Menu: Server Type

                Option1 in Menu: Database Server

                Option2 in Menu: Web Server

                Option3 in Menu: Application Server

                Option4 in Menu: File Server


      I need when end-user choose one of them appears another menu and so on.


      The below table is the customer form in a paper, I need to reflect on the question of SRD, any idea Please

      Server Type/ Environment

      Development (specify number)

      Quality Assurance (specify number)

      UAT (specify number)

      Production (specify number)

      Database server





      File/ Print server





      Application server





      Web server





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          Matt Laurenceau

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            Sinisa Mikor

            Hi Ahmad,


            traditionally, conditions were used in SRDs to connect different tiers of questions -- upper tier's question's type were limited to radio buttons, check boxes, or static menus. In your case, you'd define question Server Type as Menu, Static and populate list of Displayed Values and Stored Values with pairs of (Database Server, 1); (Web Server, 2); (Application Server, 3); (File Server, 4) (numbers can, of course be replaced with appropriate text), then attach four conditions to that question (one for each defined Displayed Value/Stored Value pair) and add one instance of next four questions (Development, Quality Assurance, UAT, Production) to each conditional branch, so you'd end up with 1 question and 4 conditions in 1st tier and 4 instances * 4 questions in 2nd tier.  Just imagine how many questions and conditions you'd have to use if you really had to deal with multiple tiers!  Not to mention that you'll probably use gathered values in fulfillment mappings, and that means mapping all instances of all questions, or adding intertwined actions to ensure correct mapping.


            Have you considered using one menu and four numeric questions without any conditions?  From your sketch, columns two to five are functionally identical for all choices, so it's much quicker and simpler to construct SRD this way, and the only difference from submitter's perspective is visual -- in this case, all questions are visible all the time.

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