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    TSNA 8.9.04 Installation Problem

    Alan Marks
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      I am trying to install the above in my Lab using an external MS SQL Server(v16).  There is currently no existing BNA/TSNA database.   Both the TSNA and SQL Server are in the same domain and from the TSNA Server I can use MS SQL Management Studio to view the database and I can create an ODBC connection between the two with no problem.  Additionally, we have a requirement to use Windows Authentication NOT SQL.


      I'm using the custom install process and when I reach the database Information page I choose Create New Database, tick the Windows Authentication box and add the password in the relevant boxes.


      Press next and am then prompted for DBA Username :   - pre-populated with sa id not windows.   Do I add the previous credentials at this point (I've tried and it fails), leave it blank (tried and it fails) ?   what is the correct process here ?    All other details paths, names etc. are correct.


      There are no policies in place to cause any issues.


      Anyone got any ideas ?