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    Validating questions in SRD

    Nitin Jain
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      This is related to creating questions in SRD.

      i Have a scenario where i am having a field for the requester to input his login ID.

      I want to put validation that requester is not allowed to enter his remedy login id in that filed.

      Can this be achived using actions tab?

      If Yes how?

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          Sinisa Mikor

          If login ID is selected from dynamic menu, its qualification can exclude submitter (e. g. by adding AND 'Remedy Login ID' != $USER$, if you're looking for login in CTM:People) and thus remove need for validation.


          If you have to have login ID defined as text field, define an action triggered on Answer Question when <login ID> != $\NULL$ which looks for records in CTM:People where 'Remedy Login ID' = <login ID> AND 'Remedy Login ID' != $\USER$, then copies value from Remedy Login ID into login ID; this will not report an error on its own (that can be done as well, though it may not be as trivial as action I've described), but it will blank login ID if entered value matches submitter's login ID unless mostly unknown hidden checkbox which defines whether fruitless search clears questions used in mapping of that action is unchecked.

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