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    [SmartIT] Configuring/using provider actions in SmartIT 19.11

    Robert Radwanski
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      Hello Community,

      I am trying to get familiar with Provider Actions in SmartIT (19.11) so am following the documentation in order to configure all the required elements. I created a custom character field on HPDHelp Desk (and all the necessary additional forms as well as FLTR) and put it on the Incident View in SmartIT. The field itself seems to be working fine when set/updated manually. Now would like to attach an action to it so the value of is updated with customer's license type (just an example of retrieving some data).

      Got the following:

      1) On the SMT:SmartIT_Provider Action Template Configuration form I configured new record



      2) New Action in SmartIT



      3) Action attached to custom field




      4) New FLTR

          Associated Form: HPD:Help Desk  

          Order: 500

          Status: Enabled

          Execute On: Service  

          RunIf Qualification: 'z1D Char01' = "GET_CUST_OPEN_INC" AND 'z1D Char02' != $NULL$

          if Action (1): Set Field 'RR Custom Text Field' with customer's license type.


      Having all the above configured I can edit an incident and click the icon triggering my action. My understanding is that the Action should pass static value of "GET_CUST_OPEN_INC" to 'z1D Char' and customerPersonId from currently edited Incident to 'z1D Char02'. These values should then be accessible in the Filter.

      Unfortunately, everytime the action is executed (successfully as states the msg displayed in a green popup) my field is blanked out.

      I logged the workflow and noticed that the FLTR did not run as runif criteria have failed. My further investigation shows that actually no values are passed to the filter (they're all nulls).


      Am I missing something?