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    Can I Customize Mainview for CICS Screen to Filter out Multiple Tasks that have no common relationship

    Chris Forzaglia
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      Let's say I want to filter out AAAA's and ZZZZ's but not BBBB's and 1234's

      COMMAND  ===> cust       

      CURR WIN ===> 1        ALT

      >W1 =TASK=============(ALL

      CMD Task  Target   S Tran

      ---  ID            t  ID 

              4 CACQM1   S AAAA

              5 CACQM1   S BBBB

              6 CACQM1   S 1234

              7 CACQM1   S ZZZZ


      The help for Filter says, "You can define up to eight filters for a view."

      But I only see one Row of Filtering in Option 'L'

      --------------< Filter  -   column: F   element: T1TRANID        >-------------

      Filter condition   => F = AAAA


      I need to say F = AAAA or ZZZZ but I don't know the Syntax