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    Auto Populate Customer Name on Create Incident Form

    Kunal Pishe
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      Hi ,


      On the Create New Incident form, i have tried to minimize the ticket creation time by creating several templates for each support group which has reduced ticket creation time by 80%.

      Which auto fills various fields like Impact, Urgency, Reported source, All 3 Ops cats, etc. depending on the template selected.

      Except the Customer*+ Name.

      I am able to display company by just CTM:People->unchecking the "Unrestricted Access" checkbox, as soon as user launches New Incident Create form. but unable to auto display the logged in user's name in the customer*+ field.

      I have tried by active link logs and was able to display userid on that field which is not accepted by AR system, as its a search menu by name.


      Need some ideas to automatically display the logged in user's in Customer*+ field and if User wishes to change the name, they should be able to do it by clicking on the eraser icon.

      As in 90% of cases, user creates a ticket for himself/herself and gets frustrated by entering same details again and again.


      Version: 9.1.04 201711272256