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    Integration in TMS:Task

    Dhushanth Ganesan
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      We are trying to post Remedy Task details over web service to 3rd party whenever its assigned to particular support group. I have created a web service filter to achieve this when submit action is taken place. But it is only sending "TAS" for Task ID instead of complete task id. If I select Get Entry option its sending complete Task id but its executing twice. So its creating duplicate data in 3rd party tool. Can you anyone help me on this.



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          Ankit Tiwari

          Instead of directly exposing TMS:Task form.. You can create staging form. Define a filter on TMS:Task on submit with Run If Qual as 'TR.TaskId != $NULL$' AND 'DB. TaskId = $NULL$'. If true then push required details to staging form. You can define web service on staging form and publish the same.


          If you do not wish to use staging form then simple define filter on TMS:Task on submit with above qualification.