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    Bob Bailey
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      So I thought it would be an easy task to find what the latest name is for what used to be called SecOps Threat Director.  Not so. 

      Is it TrueSight Cloud Security or Helix Vulnerability Management or TrueSight Vulnerability Management or Helix RemediateAnd do

      all of these products exist?   


      2nd question should be easier.  Since SecOps Threat Director used the Portal, will the current version of SecOps(whatever it is called) use a

      browser or will it be part of the new TSSA console?




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          Kunal Panigrahi

          Hi Bob,


          The  equivalent of SecOps Threat Director will be TrueSight Vulnerability Management (which is an on-prem solution). The latest version is TSVM 3.1.


          Last year we released another on-prem solution called TrueSight Automation Console (TSAC) which was catering to simplified patching use cases. Latest version is TSAC 19.1


          Both TSVM and TSAC connect to an end point manager like TrueSight Server Automation (TSSA/BSA).


          Last year Nov we release Helix Vulnerability Management 19.11 (SaaS version of TSAC) which is deployed in BMC Cloud.


          This month we are releasing TSAC 20.02 (On prom) and Helix Vulnerability Management 20.02 (SaaS). But we are merging the simplified patching and vulnerability management use cases into the same solution. If you get TSAC 20.02 - you can do both simplified patching and vulnerability management. Same goes for Helix Vulnerability Management just that it is a SaaS solution. Both still connect to TSSA/BSA onprem to do the remediation.


          TrueSight Cloud Security or now called as Helix Cloud Security checks compliance of cloud resources in various platforms like AWS, Azure and GCP.


          Finally Helix Remediate bucket consists of both Helix Vulnerability Management and Helix Cloud Security. (SaaS solutions only).


          Hope it is little clear.



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            Bob Bailey

            Excellent Kunal !   This is exactly what I needed.  Wish this was communicated in a simple document somewhere in our product.


            Thanks again,