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    Reporting Tools (Footprints 11.x)

    Leslie Sowell
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      Hello all,


      Just curious as to what reporting tools you use (outside of the built in tool) for v. 11.x. Is there anything out there that you find complementary to Footprints (including/excluding SQL queries).



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          Nicolas Roome

          Generally the ones I run in to - regardless of what product, so long as the backend is SQL - would be Crystal Reports, SSRS, and Qlikview, with Crystal taking generally the top prize since BMC has/does use it quite a lot, since it's former mid-market offering, Service Desk Express (SDE, formerly known as 'Magic') leveraged it, Remedy uses is, and Track-It uses it.


          Aside from that, I'll often see a combo of SQL queries and complex Excel spreadsheets used as well. Though these tend to be less structured and involve a lot of manual labour each time a report needs to be "run".

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            Leslie Sowell

            Thank you - I need to research a couple of these. We do use a lot of Excel and SQL queries. A lot. A lot. I've got quite a few where I've set up a standard report and then just replace the data - and it works well for one offs, but not so much for comparative reports since that often requires a lot of data and Excel starts balking.